September 25, 2011

FunGuy Studio Gives Inspiration in Y4IT

Recognized as one of the premier game developer companies in the Philippines, FunGuy Studio recently participated in one of the largest gathering of IT enthusiasts in the country, the 9th Philippine Youth Congress in IT (Y4IT). The company’s COO and Co-Founder Darwin Tardio and Project Manager Kevin Constantine Codamon were invited as guest speakers to the annual event that was held at the University of the Philippines, Diliman last September 13-16, 2011.

Hosted by University of the Philippines Information Technology Training Center (UP ITTC), Y4IT brings together students, faculty, IT practitioners and enthusiasts, government officials, national leaders and prominent IT personalities from all over the country and the world to discuss and share knowledge about current IT trends. Attended by no less than 23,000 delegates, Y4IT is an important event for every college IT student in the Philippines.

FunGuy Studio’s Tardio and Codamon shared the country’s status in online game development for the discussion on Mobile and Online Game Development. They also shared their knowledge with the youth participants on how to enter a career in game design.

FunGuy Studio, the game developer of the virtual world is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with a design studio based in the Philippines. The company focuses on casual massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, creating a platform for high-quality games and premium content through subscription, free-to-play and micro-transaction models. It aims to enrich products and services by combining online and mobile applications which customers love, while at the same time enhancing the value in the product and increasing sales.

FunGuy Studio creates highly engaging games for different platforms, which includes mobile and PC. It also specializes in making virtual worlds, Flash-based casual games, Facebook games, iPhone, iPad and Android apps.
The company offers end-to-end game services—from conceptualization to development, to implementation and after-support. The company has the capability to launch a fully fictional virtual world in a development period of less than 6 months. In addition, FunGuy Studio’s proprietary game engines, which are included in the client packages, help the company in fast tracking development and ensuring clients of quick and high-valued returns.
The FunGuy Studio research and development group is comprised of more than 50 designers, producers, programmers, artists, sound engineers and game support specialists. Each FunGuy staff is a hardcore gamer, giving the company invaluable insight into product development for gamers.

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