November 02, 2011

Spooktacular Fun at FunGuy Studio

Bizarre beings, fictional characters and intriguing creatures of the night invade the FunGuy Studio office for Halloween.

The game developers took a break from their computers and partied for the spookiest day of the year. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy—and here at FunGuy Studio, we are anything but dull.

Apart from producing educational and fun online games for kids, the FunGuy Studio family also uses its extensive list of talents for entertaining and enjoying lively activities that boost the company’s morale and camaraderie. This year, the main event is the costume competition. After forming their groups and choosing their own theme, the studio was filled with interesting and captivating creatures as everyone came dressed to impress. An enticing prize awaits the winning group, so each team readily gave their best.

Game development is a very dynamic field fueled by creativity and imagination. To keep our ideas fresh and innovative, the company recognizes the need for its employees to engage in enjoyable activities. These activities not only help relax the mind, but also give us the opportunity to think outside the box. Furthermore, it allows us to use our creative juices in areas outside of game development. It also gives the game developers a chance to collaborate on something else besides work.

Since the event is a group competition, teamwork is an important key to win. Teamwork is also vital in game development. A lot of factors are needed to produce an online game and each member of the team contributes to make the game engaging and educational for the kids. Because of this, we at FunGuy Studio strive to make our working environment as healthy and fun as possible. We ensure that good working relationships are maintained among our employees to make it easier for them to give their best.

FunGuy Studio is a global game development company. It specializes in creating virtual worlds, casual Flash-based games, mobile apps and Facebook games. Founded in 2006, FunGuy Studio is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has strategic locations in the Philippines and Australia.

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